Open all year for winter canyoning and ghyll scrambling!

The 2022 winter season is underway seeing as though we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary – we decided to push the bar even further in terms of how superior our kit is to the competition. So here it is…

Winter kit provided:

  • Wetsuit Base Layer (3mm)  – This is a clean and dry 3mm neoprene base layer. This is the thickness most companies offer as their main wetsuit and we are using it purely as a base layer!
  • Canyoning Wetsuit with Hood (10mm) – This is a clean and dry two piece wetsuit specifically designed for this activity. It will give a combined thickness of 13mm (including the base layer) on your core. Just to put this into perspective – 5mm is classed as a winter wetsuit and ours is over twice that thickness.  Do not be fooled by companies saying they will double up and give you two suits – this just means their suits are terrible and thinner than they are advertising. You would not be able to wear two of ours, they are too thick and you wouldn’t be able to move. Also two of their 3mm or 5mm wetsuits is still thinner than our 13mm suits.
  • Wetsuit Socks (3-6mm)  – Two pairs of clean and dry 3mm socks. You are offered 2 pairs but it depends if you can fit both pairs inside your trainers. The reason we offer two thinner pairs as opposed to one thick pair is just in case they don’t fit inside then at least you will be able to fit one pair inside. 3mm is better than nothing at all.
  • Wetsuit Gloves (3mm)  – One pair of clean and dry 3mm wetsuit gloves. We don’t offer thicker and the reason is we like to offer second pair of rubber windproof gloves over the top of these to keep windchill out and offer grip. With thicker wetsuit gloves you cannot fit the rubber gloves over the wetsuit gloves which would leave you with slippy neoprene gloves that don’t offer wind protection and would also lead to holes in the soft neoprene.
  • Windproof Gloves (rubber)  – One pair of clean and dry rubber over gloves. Grippy and wind resistant.
  • Windproof Jacket – This is a clean and dry jacket that will be used when the windchill is below or close to zero. This will help keep any biting wind off your core. 
  • Buoyancy aidThis is used purely as added insulation when the temps drop below or close to zero. Its like getting a nice warm reassuring hug throughout the activity.

What else we provide:

  • Specialist Helmet & Harness
  • Waterproof Container for Medication
  • All Equipment & Qualified Guide
  • Photo’sTaken by the instructor and shared at the end of the session.