Why Choose Us?

The quality of our ratings

Crags Adventures is a small family run business based in the Lake District. We feel very honoured and very proud to have been rated the “No.1 Outdoor Activity Company” in the whole of the United Kingdom on TripAdvisor by our customers.

The quality of our wetsuits and equipment

I guarantee we wont be beaten on quality. Our kit is the best on the market. No-one in the Lake District offers a thicker or warmer wetsuit than us – some don’t even offer a wetsuit! Our canyoning specific wetsuits are at least 2-3 times thicker than anyone else’s and they are always cleaned and dried before you are issued with them – and you get wetsuit socks!

The quality of your experience

We have some great ghyll scrambling and canyoning locations to choose from including a secret location. We make our groups small and intimate – we don’t have 12-20 in our groups. We pride ourselves in our honesty and we don’t lie about what we offer you. No-one gives a much as us. Don’t listen to the companies calling the trips “half day” or “4 hours” or “all day”. We are first in and last out! No-one goes further or does more stuff with you. Loads of companies copy the wording to make it sound like you are doing the same but you ‘re honestly not. Read our reviews and decide for yourself.

The quality of the photos

We take photos and videos of your adventure on our phone camera and these will be shared with you before you even say goodbye to us at the end of your activity. Every picture on this website has been taken by us on our phone camera during an actual activity – so the pics you see are the pics you get.

The quality of your instructor

We are one of the few UK companies that hold canyoning specific guiding and rescue qualifications. We are very experienced and we have 10 years of guiding experience and skills to fall back on. No-one knows the ghylls and canyons we use as intimately as we do or spends as much time in them as we do. We are the people other companies ring for advice on current conditions and water levels. Our sessions are action packed and full of fun and laughter. We love what we do and we are sure you will love this too.

The Family Team


Craig is from the good old North East of England. He leads all the sessions at Crags Adventures.

He was always climbing trees or jumping in a river as a boy and has never really progressed any further than this as an adult – and never plans to either.

He spends all his free time doing exactly what he does at “work” and has done canyoning and climbing throughout Europe. He also loves caving, mountain biking and paddling across the lakes to islands and secluded bays to sleep under the stars .

As well as his mountaineering qualifications he is also one of a very small percentage of people in the UK to have “canyoning specific” guiding qualifications as well as being on (and attaining) the UK’s first ever “canyon specific” rescue course so you can be sure you are in safe hands.


Vickie is also from the good old North East and the brains of the operation. Without Vickie organising things the business would just fall apart at the seams. As well as all the “businessy” stuff she also helps run the sessions from time to time.

She loves walking our dog Bear (no he’s not named after him). If there was a house fire his rescue would be a higher priority than both Craig and the kids…..seriously. She loves riding her bike, climbing and canyoning. She also loves paddling to secluded parts of the lakes to sleep under the stars and has been known to venture down a cave or two. She has climbed throughout the UK and Europe.

Vickie is a qualified outdoor first aider and a very experienced and competent pair of hands.


Our Girls

They are both grown-up and forging their own paths in life. They have been known to help out from time to time and still come on the odd adventure with their Mam and Dad – who are very proud of the fine young woman they have become.


Bear loves to run and bark. Sometimes he does both of these together. He would love to come out to meet the Crags Adventurers but he’s not keen on water and would probably give everyone a headache!