New Kit for 2022!

The 2022 season is well underway seeing as though we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary – we decided to push the bar even further in terms of how superior our kit is to the competition. So here it is…

Seland 10mm Canyoning Wetsuit

These are a staggering 10mm! Just to put it in perspective a winter wetsuit is 5mm! So even in the 5 degree water you WILL BE WARM. In a world where some give you no wetsuit and most are giving you 2-3mm or at a push 4-5mm we are giving 10mm of warmth. They also have a hood to keep your head warm on cold days. Oh and we still give wetsuit socks to everyone!

These are amazing suits. They come in two parts (top and bottom) which means if you have a larger top half than bottom half (or vice versa) then you needn’t have a baggy suit as you can mix and match sizes. For example – you can wear a medium top and a large bottom half. Continue Reading →