Crypt Canyon

TBC (secret)
Time Taken:
3-4 hours (from meeting to leaving)
£80 per person
What’s involved?
A proper canyoning descent involving abseiling down waterfalls.
Who is it for?
All active, fit and able persons (14+) that are good with heights. Anyone bringing their child must deem them mature enough to take part.

The location:

Crypt Canyon is found in a secret location. It is easily reached from the south and central Lake District.

This exciting adventure takes place in a deep, steep sided ravine. The parking at the location is pay and display. Changing will take place at the cars prior to setting off. 

Whats involved?

This location has some fantastic waterfalls and this canyoning experience involves abseiling your way down them. After meeting and getting changed into wetsuits we walk the steep 30 minute ascent to the start point. Enroute we stop and teach you how to use the specialised canyoning equipment and how to abseil.

We will then guide and support you as you abseil yourself down through the deep ravine to the exit point. A celebratory high five is given and then you walk back to the cars.

 The canyoning techniques we teach and use are the used throughout the Alps and internationally. Not many UK companies hold canyon specific qualifications or even know they exist – Instead they use techniques and qualifications taught to them on dry land by people who have potentially never entered a canyon!

Who does it suit?

This canyon is strictly adults and teens only (14+).  Participants must be outdoorsy types. No previous experience is required, however, you will find it beneficial if you have previously taken part in abseiling and/or canyoning prior to coming out. You must be active, fit and able.

Any under 18’s must be accompanied by their own parent/legal guardian and they must be mature enough to be self motivating when the going gets tough, resilient enough to endure discomfort and physical exertion and be able enough to act unaided when it comes things like getting changed and carrying a bag.

The 30 minute walk to the entry point is tough in a wetsuit and carrying equipment so you must bear this in mind before you book. On warm days we walk up with wetsuits only half-on (up to waist) so it is advisable you wear a rash vest/base layer/gym top (not cotton) for walking up and for wearing under the wetsuit during the canyon descent for extra warmth.

Although you will be abseiling down waterfalls and at times directly in the main flow of water – there is actually no need to be able to swim as the pools of water you abseil into are shallow enough to walk in. This experience in normal conditions isn’t massively aquatic. there are no jumps or slides and you don’t need to get fully submerged. For the above mentioned reasons being just “ok” with water is fine really but you must be “good” with heights as some of the waterfalls are big and exposed.  You MUST be able to walk unaided and without fear over slippy rocks.

Safety info:

In normal conditions this isn’t too much of an aquatic outing.

The canyon isn’t easily escapable due to the steep terrain surrounding it. You cannot simply walk around obstacles if you decide you have bitten off more than you can chew. Once we enter it we must complete it which makes this a committing outing.

This location cannot handle heavy prolonged rain and will be cancelled in times of high water as the flow becomes too powerful. However, we have built up a lot of experience over the years in this canyon and we will make the right decision of whether or not to run your session.

There are normally other options/locations available to us if this location isn’t safe to run.

What’s Provided:

  • Canyoning Wetsuit (10mm)a clean and dry 2-piece wetsuit that has been specifically designed for canyoning. Its 10mm thick and warm and has an optional hood.
  • Wetsuit Socks (3mm) – Clean and dry and 3mm. Any thicker and you wouldn’t fit your shoes over the top.
  • Helmet
  • Canyoning Harness & Canyoning Hardware
  • All Canyon Equipment
  • Canyoning Guides
  • Medical Kit
  • Group Bags – with a dry storage container for your personal medication and food.
  • Photo’s and Videos – taken by instructors and shared at the end of the session for free. All the photos on this page were taken during sessions on our phones.

What to bring:

  • Old trainers see info sheet
  • Socks – optional additional layer
  • Swimming costume /trunks /underwear -for wearing underneath wetsuit
  • Rash vest /base layer /gym t-shirt (not cotton – its cold when wet) – for walking up and wearing underneath wetsuit
  • Personal snack/water – keep it compact as you will have limited space in the dry containers – and you will be carrying it!
  • Personal medication i.e inhaler, insulin etc
  • Old Shorts – for the walk-in on hot days!

How long will it last?

The activity will last no more than 4 hours from the point we meet to the point we say goodbye. The exact time depends on group size, the confidence and ability as well as the fitness of the participants and also the water conditions.   

What time of year?

We run this location all year. Please be aware that the sessions go ahead even if it is cold, windy, raining and even snowing (to a point).

Only heavy rain and unavoidable ice will stop this activity.

Meeting location:

Secret location – to be confirmed once payment has been made in full.

Easily reached from southern and the central Lake District – such as Windermere, Coniston, Grasmere, Ambleside and Langdale.


  • Suitable for “fit and able first-timers”
  • Loads of great abseils
  • You will learn “proper” canyoning skills and techniques
  • Near a pub/toilet
  • Bus transport links
  • Easy to find
  • Small groups
  • Qualified instructors


  • No changing area where we park (we use cars and towels)
  • Not suitable for spectators
  • Not suitable for people not good with heights
  • Committing
  • Tiring
  • Not for all levels of fitness or abilities
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