Hodgeclose Quarry 
Time Taken:
2-3 hours
(from meeting to leaving)
From £50 per person
What’s involved?
You will lower yourself down a big cliff face on a rope in a disused slate quarry. You will also be attached to a “back-up rope” at all times – so please don’t worry about messing up or doing it wrong.
Who is it for?
This is for adults and families with children of 9 years and above.

What on earth is Abseiling?

Abseiling basically involves lowering yourself down a massive cliff face on a rope. It is a great adrenaline rush. Depending on where you come from in the world you may know abseiling as “rappelling”. In England we use the German word “abseil” which when translated means “to rope down”.

During these sessions you will learn the technique of abseiling and lower yourself down into a huge disused slate quarry.

Abseiling is a great activity that will get your pulse racing. It is a good activity to book onto if you are worried about the weather forecast as it can be run in almost all weather conditions at all times of year. In fact I have never had to cancel an abseil yet.

The location:

The Abseil sessions take place in a massive disused quarry in Little Langdale. The abseil is in the region of 100-120 ft. Stunning scenic views will surround you but they can only be enjoyed if you dare open your eyes.

Who does it suit?

Abseiling isn’t a strenuous activity by nature, however, it can be strenuous walking back out of the quarry, therefore a reasonable level of fitness is required. During the abseil the harness can dig in and therefore be uncomfortable on the groin and lower back where it makes contact with you. It is suitable for both adults and children as long as the individual is ok with heights. The minimum age is 9 years of age. All persons under 18 must be accompanied by their OWN parent or LEGAL guardian.

Whats  provided:

  • A harness
  • A helmet
  • All abseiling hardwear

What to bring:

  • Sensible, warm and waterproof clothing
  • Trainers, wellies or hiking boots
  • Personal medication (e.g inhaler)
  • Declaration Form

How long will it last?

Around 2-3 hours.

What Time of year?

All year.

Typical timeslots:

  • Morning Only

Meeting location:

The exact meeting location will be given at the time of booking. The parking is limited but free.


  • Big abseils
  • Great setting with great views
  • Hodge Close Quarry has no walk-in
  • Free parking
  • Suits most fitness levels
  • All weather activity


  • Can be a bit of waiting around for your turn with big groups
  • Early session is almost essential to ensure we get a spot on the cliff
  • Steep walk out of quarry once we have abseiled into it
  • Limited parking and can get busy

This is a great activity whatever the weather is doing!  


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