Scrambling Skills


Lake District & all of UK

Time Taken:

Full Day


Intermediate (for all fit and able persons from “first timers” to “seasoned” scramblers)

What is covered?

This course is aimed towards people that wish to learn the skills to scramble safely in the mountains. Scrambling should not be underestimated as it is probably more dangerous than climbing – this is because the terrain for climbing is constantly “steep” – this means that when you go climbing you tie in with the rope at the base of the climb and you stay tied in and “pitch” the entire climb whilst being belayed by your partner(s). Scrambling terrain is constantly changing along with the seriousness of your position, therefore when you go scrambling you may start the scramble without the rope and then as the terrain changes you may decide you need it.

Another consideration is that most of the time while scrambling the leader is “soloing” while in direct contrast the leader is always being belayed in a climbing situation.

Equipment is also a factor. For example the footwear you use for climbing are specially designed grippy rubber shoes. The footwear for scrambling are your clumpy hiking boots.

This is why scrambling in my opinion is more serious – as there is a lot to learn and the ability to choose the correct technique depending on the terrain and group type is a very important one that can literally mean the difference between life and death.


For these reasons in scrambling you are constantly faced very important decisions to make due to constantly being in ever changing terrain and having to adapt to the changes and choose the correct technique to safeguard yourself and the members in your group.

Throughout the course you will learn techniques such as spotting, short roping, confidence roping, short pitching, belays – indirect/direct/ body/terrain/hand over hand, stance management, anchor choice/testing, knots, roping up techniques and equipment use and testing as well as learning how to apply these techniques to the correct terrain, group type and situation.


The Location:

We run these courses in the Lake District. The course location will be chosen by the instructor unless you wish to learn how to scramble a certain route.

Who does it suit?

Anyone from first time scramblers who wish to learn from scratch right through to seasoned scramblers who want to further their skills and techniques.

This course is adults only (18 years). The max ratio is dependent of the venue chosen.

How long will it last?

This is a full day course that will last around 6 hours.

What Time of year?

All year

Typical timeslots:



What’s provided:

  • All scrambling ropes
  • Any scrambling hardware required
  • Helmet (if required)
  • Harness (if required)

What to bring:

  • Sensible, warm and waterproof clothing
  • Hiking boots
  • Helmet (if you have one)
  • Harness (if you have one)
  • Scrambling hardwear (if you have any wish to use it)
  • Food, drink & personal medication
  • Small pack
  • Declaration form

Meeting location:

This will be given once the location has been chosen. The location will decide upon weather conditions, crag aspect and the ability of the participants.

Pro’s & Con’s:

  • Scrambling is so much fun
  • Learning new skills to keep you safe
  • Great setting with great views


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