Guided Scrambling


Lake District & all of UK

Time Taken:

Half Day & Full Day


Intermediate (suitable for all fit and able persons)

 Whats Involved?

During this adventure you will tackle one or more of the Lake Districts many classic mountain scrambles. This activity is perfect for both “seasoned” and “first timers”.

Famous route names such as “Jack’s Rake” and “Pinnacle Ridge” can be heard above the hustle and bustle in any crowded Lake District pub after a long day on the fells by people with a story to tell and an ego to massage – why not be one of them!

Scrambling takes place on the steep and precipitous rocky flanks of a mountain. It is that fantastic terrain that is too steep or exposed to be a walk but not steep enough to be classified as a rock climb. It involves climbing/scrambling over rock.

Whether you wish to try out scrambling or you are on holiday and need a partner to rope up with/guide you up a classic scramble or to learn or further your experience of Scrambling we can accommodate you. This activity is great for both dry and wet weather.


This is a great ALL weather activity.

The Location:

We run these sessions throughout the UK.  Money is added to the price when venturing out of the Lake District to cover fuel.

Who does it suit?

Due to being roped together the max ratio for most scrambles is 1:2. There is a possibility for 1:4 for some easier scrambles. Therefore it is only suitable for small Groups, couples and individuals. It is suitable for children as long as they are ok with heights and are up for a challenge. All children must be accompanied by their OWN parent or LEGAL guardian.

What’s provided:    

  • All scrambling hardwear
  • A harness
  • A helmet

What to bring:

  • Sensible, warm and waterproof clothing
  • Hiking boots/approach shoes
  • Food, water and personal medication
  • Small backpack
  • Declaration Form

How long will it last?

We run half day sessions that last around 2-3 hours, full day sessions that last around 5-6 hours and extended days that last around 8-9 hours.

What Time of year?


Typical timeslots:

  • 9-12 (1/2 day)
  • 12-3 (1/2 day)
  • 9-3 (full day)

Meeting location:

This will be given once the location has been chosen and experience given.

Pro’s & Con’s:

  • Unbelievable journeys
  • Great setting with great views
  • Lots of scrambling
  • Can be enjoyed in the rain
  • Limited group numbers






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