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Lake District & all of UK

Time Taken:

Full Day


Existing Climbers (for climbers wishing to learn trad climbing)

What’s Involved?

This course is aimed towards people that climb indoors or sport climb and wish to learn how to lead climb outside safely doing trad or sport climbing. It is also for people that have no desire to lead but to simply try climbing outdoors.

The climbs and location will be chosen by the instructor. Please be aware that taking part in a course will not necessarily see you leading a route by the end of the day(s) as this will be down to the instructor based on how you perform during the course.

The Location:

We run these sessions throughout the UK.  Money is added to the price when venturing out of the Lake District to cover fuel.

Who does it suit?
Existing climbers wishing to learn how to look after themselves outside trad & sport climbing on single crags and persons simply wishing to climb on rock

Adults only (18 years). The max ratio is dependent of the venue chosen.

What’s provided:

  • All Climbing Hardwear
  • A Harness
  • A Helmet

What to bring:

  • Sensible, warm and waterproof clothing
  • Hiking boots/approach shoes
  • Climbing shoes (we do have some limited stock)
  • Food, drink & personal medication
  • Small backpack
  • Declaration form

How long will it last?

Typically the sessions last around 6-8 hours.

What Time of year?

Late Spring/Summer/Early Autumn

Typical timeslots:

  • 9-5

Meeting location:

This will be given once the location has been chosen. The location will decide upon weather conditions, crag aspect and the ability of the participants.

Pro’s & Con’s:

  • Trad climbing is awesome
  • Learning new skills to keep you safe
  • Great setting with great views
  • Lots of climbing





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